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How I Got Started

I was first introduced to Portuguese Water Dogs in 1991. A beautiful loving, brown boy named Deja found his way straight into my heart. Deja was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with this special breed. In 2007 Mika came into my world during a period in my life when I was battling a devastating illness. Mika subsequently became my full-on Service Dog and constant companion. Mika accompanied me to every treatment, surgery and hospital stay. My incredible bond and love that Mika and I share propelled me into remission where I remain now for almost 7 years.

Mika became a great source of healing in so many ways. Her incredible temperament and beautiful presence inspired me to want to share her with the world. My journey with PWDS only

strengthened as I started immersing myself in everything PWD.

I began to get involved with every aspect of owning and loving this breed. As a result of my commitment and eagerness to learn, I surrounded myself with like-minded fanciers. I'm proud to say I'm a self taught owner handler and world class groomer. 

Mika became my very first AKC Champion, since then she has won numerous ribbons and awards. Im proud to say that I now have over 18 Grand Champions in many different sporting disciplines. Additionally many of my dogs go on to be Service Dogs for their respective owners. This remains something near and dear to me personally. For this reason temperament and health are of paramount importance to my breeding program.

I am very proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit and AKC Breeder of Heart. I am a long time member in good standing with the AKC in the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. Additionally I am a founding members of our local chapter, The  Mayflower Portuguese Water dog Club as well as the All Breed Providence County Kennel Club.

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