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"Where form and function come together"

All puppies produced by Karma are a result of meticulous selection of exceptionally superior parents, whom possess pristine health and outstanding temperament.

Karma puppies are whelped and raised with love and care in the heart of our home. Every puppy is carefully evaluated and well socialized. Each puppy is vet examined, microchipped, and wormed. Additionally, each puppy undergoes an eye exam by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist. We are committed to educating and promoting responsible dog ownership through example, mentoring, and sharing information with the PWD community.

I am happy to guide any PWD family that is seeking direction and information to the best of my abilities. All potential adoptions require an in person visit and interview to be considered for a puppy.

Here you will also find important information on Portuguese Water dogs in general. Please feel free to explore the many links on this website.

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- Anat Hayon

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