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Satisfied Clients

From the first phone call that we had with Anat we knew that she different than other breeders. She has a special place in her heart for every single portie that leaves her house. She is careful, committed, smart, and produces healthy and happy dogs. She has gone above and beyond for us as first time dog owners. She is always a phone call away to answer questions about food, training, grooming...anything.  You will leave with a PWD and a friend!

Molly Andrus and Nicholas Hunsaker

“I honestly don’t know where to family’s story…but here goes!
My husband, myself and our two girls began contacting breeders of PWD’s back in August 2013.  We had recently lost our 15 ½ year old Jack Russel Terrier “Bosco” and had been previously hoping to add a PWD to the family prior to Bosco falling ill. In September we “found” Anat through a friend and co-worker.  We set up a meeting with Anat to learn about her program and see what she was all about. Anat opened her home to us and we were able to meet her 3 beautiful girls, Mika-Eight & Seal.  Our first impression was…”Wow!” Her three girls were absolutely stunning both in form and temperament.  As our visit continued we learned all about Anat’s breeding program and her absolute LOVE for this breed.  Up until then, we had not had the opportunity to meet any breeder with as much knowledge, love and expertise for this phenomenal breed. 
During this initial visit, we answered questions about ourselves and our family lifestyle.  Anat explained the importance of preparing ourselves and our home for the future addition of a PWD.  She gave us resources and information that allowed us to make a well educated decision that this was in fact the perfect breed for us.  After that first meeting with Anat, we knew we would look no further…and would wait as long as it took…to have one of her puppies.  Our initial reasons for choosing her were:
1. Her unconditional love and devotion to her three “girls”
2. Her knowledge and expertise about this remarkable breed
3. Her dedication to breeding “the BEST” dog/bitch pair to produce the highest quality PWD’s.
4. Her guidance and support throughout
Now looking back 10 months….we can honestly say that our initial reasons were just the tip of the iceberg!  We had so much more to learn about the breed and the breeder herself.  Since that initial visit, I can honestly say that what has struck us most about Anat is her ongoing drive to improve her program and herself. Anat truly believes in keeping herself up to date on anything PWD and in that keeps her families well educated as well.  Those first months were basically reading and learning more about the breed.  Throughout that time, we kept open communication with Anat and probably drove her crazy with questions and emails!! Anat always answered us and offered more material and websites to help us through the process. At the end of January Anat called us to come over and meet with her again.  We had no idea what to expect…and certainly didn’t expect that during that visit we would find out that we in fact would soon have a BOY of our own!!  Let’s just say we were SO EXCITED!!
We learned about her practice of testing all of her puppies completely prior to them going home.  This includes eye exams and various other testing that I am honestly still learning about. Not only does she mentor and educate us on everything from behavior to proper diet.  Anat also grooms our Boy and has started teaching us how to groom as well.  Anat has been there for us every step of the way…and we are so proud to be part of the Karma family.
In April, Anat gave us the unique opportunity to see first hand and be part of what goes into a breeding.  We were able to see her beauty Seal whelp her first litter.  I was so amazed and will forever be thankful to Anat for allowing me to be there and take part in helping Seals 12 beautiful babies enter the world.  Anat was completely focused on mom and babies throughout the whelp.  Her medical background, I believe, gives her an edge during both the delivery of the puppies as well as their initial transition to life.  I can honestly say I was awed, scared and amazed all at the same time!!  And Anat was calm, focused and even took the time to explain things to me….ALL while being live on camera the whole time!!  Another unique experience that she gives her families is the continuous streaming of live video feed from the minute labor starts until the puppies go home to their families.  This in itself proved to me that she is exceptional at what she does.  Over the next weeks, the puppies were never left alone…someone was always there with them…day and night…to ensure their well being.  The puppies were handled, loved and cared for in a clean, loving, nurturing environment.  What more could anyone ask for?  Prior to going home all 12 puppies went to the vet and to a specialist who did complete eye exams on them..what a feat that was!!  Let me not forget the 12 Lion cuts/first grooming that all the pups had before going home.
Another incredibly important thing that Anat does is a very thorough temperament test on all of her puppies.  This helps her to make the best possible decision on which puppy would do best with which family.  Although some are skeptical at first about the puppy being selected for the family, every family I saw go home..had the exact puppy meant for them.  The process took hours and Anat puts so much work and thought into her selections.
During the course of the puppies first 8 weeks, Anat kept in contact with all of the families that were getting puppies.  After the first few weeks, Anat opened her home to the 11 families for visits.  How amazing it is for families to have the opportunity to visit the puppies, for the children to watch them grow and change, and for them to have the one on one time with Anat for questions and information.  In addition to that, Anat would send out emails checking in, letting families know what the next steps would be for the puppies, offering advice on things to start getting in preparation for puppy coming home, as well as sharing information and questions that were posed to her by other families.
I know that I am forgetting so much.. and even with that…what she does is so much more than I could imagine. She truly puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  I have learned so much from her and hope to continue to learn in the future.  This is truly her life…her love…her passion.  This is not a “JOB” or a “HOBBY”   her dogs are her “LIFE” and that’s what makes her “THE BEST” in our eyes.”

John, Ann Marie, Victoria and Maya Buonavolonta

“ I write to share the exceptional experience I have had with Anat Cunha and Karma Portuguese Water Dogs.

Early this Spring I was in search of a local distributor for the Victory Raw Diet for my aged Cocker Spaniel. My search led me to Anat who contacted me and invited me to her home.

I had been admiring and researching Porties with the hopes of someday owning one and so I was really looking forward to meeting her dogs. As soon as I saw Mika and Seal, I fell in love. They were so gorgeous, loving and intelligent; I knew I had to have a puppy.

From the moment I met Anat, her knowledge and commitment for the breed was evident but, I had no idea that I was about to become part of her extended Karma family.

Anat opens her home and the whole whelping experience to her anxiously awaiting new owners to be. From their birth, to their first time outdoors, the first grooming and temperament testing, you are welcome to experience it in real time via remote camera. She answers questions and gives you insight into so many things that are important to understand when taking a new puppy into your life. She is completely accessible and happy to talk anytime.

  On July 1st 2014, I took our male puppy home. We call him Phelps and he is amazing. The time and effort Anat and her crew put into the dogs is unbelievable. The puppies are so well balanced and ready to become members of their new families. It is readily apparent they are loved and handled from day one.

In our opinion Anat and her breeding program is a model for others to emulate. Her commitment to producing top quality Porties is incomparable and far exceeded all of our expectations.

We look forward to being a member of the Karma family for years and feel great knowing Anat is still just a phone call away.

Thank you Anat! We are so thrilled to have one of Seal’s baby boys for our own.”

Roberta and Roy Ragge

I don't even know where to begin. First- I have to say the picture of you and Seal on the beach is so beautiful; the photo so beautifully captures the loving connection you and Seal share. Second- I have to say "Thank you" again...for welcoming us into the Karma family.   I cannot put into words how special Raven is to me and to all of us. She is truly amazing and has brought more joy, humor, laughter and love to our home than I thought possible. When we decided to get a puppy- I had no idea just how much richer our lives would become. You said you chose "purple/green" puppy because we are a step-family and "she would bring us all together"...well, that she has done! You told me to trust you and karma and that we would end up with the puppy that was meant to be with our family. You were so right. Raven is the perfect dog for US!!!

To be part of our household- you have to be able to "hold your own" and "keep up"!!!! Well....Raven can certainly do both! We are a busy, fast-paced, active household- with lots of energy and action....lots of kids and teenagers coming and going. Raven LOVES IT....Nothing scares her, intimidates her or backs her down.  She is the bravest, most outgoing little pup I have ever seen.  She loves to meet new people and she loves to meet new animals...She just LOVES LIFE!

Everyone wants to be with Raven. She is quite the character!!!! I can hardly believe my eyes when I watch her in action. She is brilliant- she understands everything and she learns so quickly.  She is completely fearless...she is brave, bold, outgoing and tough as nails.  Raven thinks she is "the boss" and wants to be in charge! She adores her Havanese sister ChaCha....she never leaves her alone! She constantly jumps all over her and cuddles up with her- I am amazed to see how Raven's presence has transformed ChaCha! ChaCha is actually fun and playful now- before she didn't want to be bothered!

Raven loves my three kids....she stole their hearts. They fight over who gets to be with her all the what ultimately happens is they all end up playing together- which is rare nowadays. Typically-when my husband walks in the door at the end of his work day- he automatically scans the room in search of me and makes a bee-line for me....Well, not anymore. Now- he walks in the door...and before he even says "hello" to me....he is on his hands and knees kissing, hugging, and playing with Raven!!! I am like...."HELLO???"!!!  It's hysterical! He calls me during the day from work to ask me what she is doing and I send him pictures of all her antics. 

She has the most loving heart...she is the sweetest girl- she wants to kiss everyone and be cuddled and hugged.

We just got back from spending the weekend at my parent's beach house. There were 17 people in the house (8 of them were children) and 5 dogs. Raven was such a good girl! She had so, so, so much fun! The backyard is fenced in- so she was able to run around with the other dogs and play with the kids all weekend.

I know Raven is as special as she is not only because of her impeccable breeding but even more because of the you and safe, loving, nurturing environment you provided for Seal and her litter. As a therapist all of my work is based in Attachment Theory whose premise is that infants form healthy attachments when they have caretakers who are responsive, loving, compassionate and empathic and who provide a safe, nurturing, validating environment for them. Infants who form healthy attachments grow up to be well-adjusted, trusting, confident, happy, healthy individuals who are curious about the world and prepared to thrive.  I believe the same holds true for dogs.  Raven's superior socio-emotional adjustment and self-confidence are clearly the result of all of your devotion and hard work; because of the love and nurturing you give your puppies they have been able to form healthy attachments with humans and and other animals while feeling a sense of trust and safety in the world.  One can only wish more children were born to mothers and into homes that your puppies have been so blessed.

Raven truly is our joy and a miracle....and I can't get the moment out of my mind when you kissed her "good-bye" and said to her "make mommy proud"....I want to let you know that she has been making you proud every day since her departure. She is gorgeous, brilliant, sooooo funny and filled with courage- She is an enthusiastic and eager learner- it's so easy to teach her new things, as young as she is...I could go on and on...I am a little obnoxious!!!!

Anyway- I will keep you posted! Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!”

Sandra and Family

To Whom it may concern,
I met Anat Cunha several years ago while attending a special water fire event in Providence Rhode Island, benefiting Breast Cancer.  Anat was sitting atop a pillar in the water park with her beautiful dog which I now know as Mika, her very special and much loved Portuguese Water Dog. As a photographer, I was touched by the bond that was so clearly evident in this scene, that I took a photo. I had thought I would send it to Anat and asked for her home address so I could forward the image to her.  My husband and I were so taken with her Mikka and her wonderful manners, beautiful face and soft wavy coat, that it was clear to us that someday we wanted a pooch like that.  Since I seemed  to  have lost the information Anat had given me, it wasn’t until sometime later, while cleaning out my pocketbook, I came across the small piece of paper with the information I needed to forward the image. I wanted the image to reflect the bond I saw that day.  With the help of photo shop I erased the original graffiti on the pillar and added my own to make the image special for Anat and her beloved Portuguese water dog and mailed it.
At the time my husband and I shared our home with three old Labrador Retrievers  that I had shown and trained for Obedience  in their earlier years.  Within the next year we lost all three, ages 12, 14 and 16 yrs. I was devastated and after several months found myself wanting another. It was at this time my husband told me of his desire to seek out  a  Portuguese  Water Dog and gave me the task. I had not spoken to Anat since her call to thank me so much for the photo. I did not know how deeply involved with the breed she was at that time.
After researching on the internet, I came across the PWDCA (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America) and took down a few names of breeders listed in my area.  After one phone call, I was led to a breeder in Western MA. We made the trip, met the breeder and placed a deposit for our very own PWD! I was very familiar with the Labrador lines, but knew nothing of PWD’s. The breeder worked for a vet and was a show handler for top contenders in the breed, so I figured she knew what she was doing.
It was several months after bringing home  our  beautiful  puppy  that Anat and my path crossed again after finding her name and phone number in the PWDCA club directory that was supplied us as new members.  I called her after experiencing some training but  more importantly  concerning  health challenges with our new addition. Our breeder was rarely available to help up since she was busy on the show circuit and hard to get ahold of. Anat was always there to lend ear and help with recommendations in whatever capacity she could. It was then I discovered how deeply involved she was with the breed.
Anat   remembered   me when she wanted to photograph her puppies from 2 litters, and asked me to come to her home.  I remember then wishing I had known of her deep involvement with the breed especially  after  seeing  how  dedicated  to  their  wellbeing  she was. From the grooming parlor her husband built her in the bottom floor of  their home  ( spa quality) to the wonderful  play yard, toys, beds and so  many other things to make sure her puppies had the best start in life. I might even mention the tread machine to keep her girls in good health and shape! It was clear that she was going to do whatever it takes to produce healthy & happy PWDS, and help the new owners get a good start with their new family additions.
Since bringing home my now 4 year old PWD I can say that not every breeder with a prefix and beautiful dog is worth their salt.  As one who had shown Labrador Retrievers, I got to know the ins and outs of the show world and those who occupy it. It wasn’t any different in the Portuguese Water dog world. It saddens me when  one considers  the tiny gene pool these dogs made a comeback from.  Showing dogs is not the problem. The problems come from overzealous breeders looking to supplement their  expensive hobby with fees propagated by breeding puppies.  To accomplish this some have grossly abused the right to “Co-Own” dogs in a manner that allow them  access to many breedings and control over those breeding for them.  Co-Ownership was initially a good thing set up to help those interested in entering the sport of showing and breeding dogs with guidance and knowledge from those more experienced. Unfortunately today with PWD’s adoption fees   between 2500-3500 per puppy, some have even found this to be a good way, though they won’t admit it, to supplement their incomes. This comes at a cost to the health and wellbeing of the puppies born and those who adopt them.  There exists even in the breed a sophisticated breeding pyramid, monopolized by a few individuals. The concerning part of all of this is it is only through bringing more puppies into the world that the previous can be accomplished.  The road was paved with good intentions. Unfortunately   competition, blue ribbons, cash awards and top honors have in” some” cases clouded good judgment.
“Showing is necessary to make sure you are breeding according to standard” is what you will hear. There are a myriad of good intended statements by those involved in the political arena of showing dogs.  I can’t help but wonder though how do they judge what’s inside? Good hearts, good immune systems? Why do they breed dogs minutes after they passed all their health clearances? Why do they need to co-own so many and to what end? There are more questions than reasonable answers.  In my search to find the answers to these and many questions, I came across many breeders who were more interested in lambasting “other” breeders and their breeding programs than telling me about theirs.
Anat told me about her love for showing, but also how imperative it was that she bred the healthiest dogs she possibly could. She would seek out Dogs to breed to her girls that had some age on them in hopes of increasing the odds of healthier long lived off spring. She makes sure all health clearances are done.  She considers bringing new life into the world a privilege not a paycheck. She considers all those who adopt her puppies extended family and is there for them  day or night for any questions or help one might need . In my opinion she is trying to do it right understanding that her decisions weigh heavily on those adopting a Karma Puppy.
In closing, my beautiful and much loved PWD is suffering from a debilitating auto immune disease.  My breeder has not been there for me even after repeated calls and messaging.  After all, my dog is only a pet. But in my world he’s best in show, my show! When I needed some support because my heart was breaking the only one there for me was the lady I found sitting atop a pillar in Providence with her beloved PWD with a pink bow in her hair.”

Robin Lee Vieira

was fortunate enough to meet a young PWD puppy and his owner while weekending in Woodstock, NY last year. Since my husband and I were contemplating getting a PWD, I stopped the puppy's owner to ask him where he'd gotten his gorgeous 9 month old from. His answer was immediate:  "Karma in Rhode Island". I got home from Woodstock, looked up Karma and started a dialogue with Anat. She told me that she would have a litter in the summer and that we should continue communicating at the beginning of the year.

Immediately after the litter was born, Anat set us up with a webcam so that we were able to watch the puppies from age 3 days!!  It was fascinating and amazing to be able to see their every move, and to watch Anat and her helpers  TIRELESSLY care for the mom and puppies. The whelping bed was kept immaculately clean and the environment was quiet, peaceful and healthy.

We visited the pups when they were teeny tiny babies and were very impressed with Anat and her obvious love for and knowledge of the breed. She was always available to communicate - no matter what time of day or night.  In fact, I became convinced that she doesn't really sleep. No matter what time of day or night it was that I looked at the web camera (which I quickly became addicted to), Anat seemed to be in the room with her dog, Seal, and the new puppies giving them love and nurturing,  them.

We have had our little Valentino for two weeks now and it feels like he's always been here. He is a beautiful, smart, frisky and funny little boy and we are so in love with him. Thank you, Anat, for choosing the perfect mate for us. We are completely, utterly in love.

If you are considering a PWD, I wouldn't hesitate to call Anat. If you'd like more information from me, please feel free to email me ( and I will give you my phone number if you'd like to chat!

Irit Perkins

“I began my search for a Portuguese Water Dog in January 2013.  I looked at several breeders. None came close to Anat Chuna of Karma PWD's.  From our first interview (which Anat insisted on) I knew that Karma was the place for me.  Anat is so knowledgeable and passionate about her dogs, the sport, and most of all, the health of the Portuguese Water Dog as a breed.  I have had many dogs in my life, both rescue dogs and pure bred dogs.  Anat is by far the most professional person I have met in the dog world.  I have had my beautiful Karma PWD boy for 2 days now and could not be happier.  He came to me a well adjusted happy puppy. Jerry Lee has been with out a doubt the easiest first 2 nights of puppy hood that I have had.  Anat has been there to answer my questions since Jerry Lee has come home, and I know that I will keep in touch with her thru out his  life.  I would recommend Anat to anyone looking to add one of these wonderful dogs to their lives.”

Yvonne Ferreira

Anat is a woman of loyalty and integrity; she is a conscientious breeder of her beloved Karma Portuguese Water Dogs.

Karma pups are gorgeous and healthy and are so well prepared in their first eight/nine weeks of life, that they are remarkably easy to train when they go to their forever families. Anat makes sure that her dogs have all the appropriate testing for this breed, and then more. Her dogs are sweet, kind, loving creatures. 

Anat also has high standards by which she selects the puppies future homes, and screens the families very carefully. It is a great privilege to be selected to own a Karma pup! Or, be owned by one! And when you need help with any small or great issue related to your new family member, Anat is at the ready to guide and support you. She loves keeping in touch with her families and the puppies they’ve taken into their homes and hearts. 

My heart is owned by a Karma pup, Teal, now 14 months old. “

Zi Kingon

“I would love to share with all, my wonderful experience with Anat Cunha and Karma Portuguese Water Dogs.

A year ago my husband, and I researched information on Portuguese Water Dogs and finding" A GOOD BREEDER", and we discovered Anat and Mika! The knowledge and commitment Anat has with the breed and the quality of Mika made our decision an easy one!! We have two boys 8 & 12 and Anat helped us with all aspects of bringing home a new puppy and answered all the questions and concerns with becoming new Portie owners.All of our expectations were exceeded, this puppy was amazing from our first day of meeting him to now, the true essence of a Portie is displayed in Mika and all her pups!!!!

     To this day Anat, her family and Mika are a big part of our life . She grooms my dog and is still soooo very committed to all her puppies and their owners with updates on health issues to obedience, to finding a GOOD COMB!!!!


Thanks Anat and Family but most of all MIKA your boy is a beauty and is our BEST FRIEND!!!!

Aguiar Family y

“It has been almost a year since I first got to know Anat Cunha of Karma Portuguese Water Dogs and her wonderful Mika.  We met shortly after Mika had given birth to her first litter and I was invited over to “meet” the puppies.  I fell head over heals for all 8 of the little beauties as each had a turn on my lap and shoulder. As a breed I have always liked and admired the Portuguese Water Dog and I always said that if I ever got a dog this would be the breed I wanted.

Over the course of the next few weeks I got to know Anat and her family, both human and canine. I was impressed with her knowledge of the breed and the obvious care and feeling she had for Mika. The bond they share is an obvious one of  mutual love and adoration. The puppies were all recipients of this same love and adoration by both Mika and Anat and her family. Needless to say by the time the puppies were ready to leave for their forever homes I knew I was going to take one. DeeDee came home with me in June of 2010 and it has been an incredible journey so far with her.

I cannot say enough about Anat’s patience and understanding over the last 10 months. I have never owned a dog before so I was completely new to the experience. When I have had questions about DeeDee’s care or training she has always made the time to answer my questions or show me (train me actually as I needed it more than DeeDee) how to train DeeDee. She has given me invaluable tips and insights into the breed. Her love for the breed and keeping it as pure as possible is to be commended. The care she takes, the research she does to find the “perfect” mate for Mika is amazing. If  Mika’s first litter was any indication of the beauty and quality of her pups then her upcoming litter will be awesome!

In short, I cannot say enough about Anat and Karma Portuguese Water Dogs. In my book they are the best!”

Ana Jones and Dede

“Last year Buster became a wonderful addition to our family.  We witnessed the birth of Buster and his siblings and the tremendous commitment that a breeder has to make.  Anat  Cunha made that commitment and much more.  She has been a mentor to us and has continued to be a part of Buster's life.  The next time I purchase a Portuguese water dog Anat is the only breeder I will consider. “

George Mirabile

As an owner of a PWD (Portuguese Water Dog), I would recommend Karma Portuguese Water Dogs and their founder, Anat Cunha, with great pleasure and without reservation.  I have had the pleasure of meeting her and her wonderful dogs a few times. 

Their foundation girl, Mika, is simply magnificent and has an ideal PWD temperament.  She is beautiful, lively, radiates strength and awareness, and might just be smarter than a fifth grader.  Additionally, Mika is a show ring Champion, a Certified Therapy dog, and visits school children with Anat and Eight on a regular basis.  Did I already mention that she is gorgeous?  Her coat is fantastic; it’s so dense and super soft.

Among her first litter of puppies was a daughter who was named Eight, who also lives with Anat.  Eight is every bit as gorgeous and smart as her mother, Mika.  She has started training for Agility and Water Work.  The sky is the limit for darling Eight.

By the way, Mika is pregnant, again.  Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing this next litter from Karma PWDs.  Based on the first litter, there should be ample opportunity to see Mika’s new puppies on the Karma PWD website.

Anat grooms her own PWD crew.  I had the pleasure and privilege of my dog receiving “the works” from this accomplished lady.  My dog has never looked so good, felt so soft or had a happier experience in the tub and on the grooming table.  My husband was delighted with his appearance, too.  I wish we lived closer, because we’d want to be regular grooming clients.

Anat is a believer in a proper raw food diet for her PWD crew and an advocate for sound canine nutrition.  She is a Distributor for Victory Dog Food.  Thanks to her education and medical background, Anat can explain in as much detail as required, why a proper raw food diet such as Victory Dog Food, is the best for our best friends.  One look at Mika and Eight should be enough to convince anyone that a proper raw food diet brings out the best in our best friends.

If you are considering the adoption of a Portuguese Water Dog, then you would be doing yourself a big favor by contacting Anat Cunha about her kennel of Karma Portuguese Water Dogs in Rhode Island.”

Marion Liberati

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